Darlene's Family Comes to Visit Santa Cruz

(March/April 2017)
Down at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk IMG 5716 IMG 5717 IMG 5722 drummer We went to the Monterey Zoo –  click here  for the full video of the visit.
We took a whale watching tour out of Santa Cruz –  more pictures and video here . IMG 5755 A video montage of much of Darlene's family's visit (3.75 minutes, 75 MB) Scanning the Santa Cruz flea market DSC05333 DSC05337
DSC05338 DSC05339 Natural Bridges State Park DSC05341 Natural Bridges State Park Posing in front of the blue whale skeleton at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center
DSC05345 Jellyfish at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center DSC05349 Darlene attacks a coconut DSC05361 DSC05370
DSC05377 Watching the surfers near Santa Cruz Point IMG 5757 DSC02084 DSC02092 A sea otter tries to hold his territory surrounded by surfers
DSC02125 DSC02129 DSC02146 Surprise drone attack Breakfast at Chubby's in Scotts Valley Henry Cowell State Park
DSC05455 IMG 2547 DSC05458 DSC05460 DSC05461 DSC05462
DSC05468 IMG 2500 DSC05469 DSC05470 DSC05471 DSC05473
DSC05476 DSC05478 DSC05479 DSC05483 Riding the steam train at Roaring Camp Railroads IMG 2514
DSC05494 DSC05496 DSC05497 IMG 2525 IMG 2527 IMG 2535
DSC05499 DSC05500 The view from the Santa Cruz pier DSC05505 IMG 2556 IMG 2565
IMG 2585 IMG 2567 IMG 2577 IMG 2579 IMG 2571v2 IMG 2578