Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Our snow-blocked attempt to visit the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California. (May 2017)
Oh yeah, we did have a lot of snow this year so May is a little early to try to get to the top of the White Mountains and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest. IMG 5861 Last light of sunset on the Sierra Shadow of the setting sun looking east from the Sierra viewpoint DSC02213 Pre-dawn, looking towards Nevada
Waiting for sunrise... A sunrise lights up the Sierra range in alpenglow.  Looking to the southwest... Looking more west, past Bishop.... ...and looking to the northwest and Mammoth Mountain. DSC02309 A not-quite-so-smooth 20-second time-lapse of the sunset across the Sierra range.
Soon after sunrise, the Sierra Nevada stretching to the south. DSC02228 DSC02235 An extreme panorama of the Sierra Nevada pan-sierra-viewpoint DSC02261
DSC02266 DSC02268 DSC02282 IMG 5870 DSC02284 Okay, if we can't drive to the groves, we'll bike it.
biking-to-bristlecone-pines DSC05990 DSC05991 DSC05994 Bristlecone pine Trudging through the snow... find ever more snow.  Too much to deal with for so many more miles. We did get to see some bristlecone pines, even if we were turned back by the snow.