Vision Quest Ranch

These are pictures and video from our visit to the Vision Quest Ranch in Salinas, California. (April 2016)
A video montage of our stay at Vision Quest Ranch (7 minutes, 142 MB) DSC00026 DSC00023 DSC00024 DSC00221 DSC00028
DSC00153 DSC04483 DSC04484 DSC00030 DSC00032 DSC00222
DSC00230 DSC00231 DSC00236 DSC00152 DSC00043 DSC00051
DSC00068 DSC00077 DSC00106 DSC00109 DSC00119 DSC00124
DSC04447 DSC00146 DSC04456 DSC00148 DSC00151 DSC00167
DSC00170 DSC00172 DSC00176 DSC00186 DSC00189 DSC00195
DSC00207 DSC00213 DSC00219 DSC04541