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2016 Leisure Travel Vans Unity 24TB (Twin Bed)

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A 2016 Leisure Travel Vans Unity model built on a 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. 25'1" long, 7'10" wide, gets about 17-18 mpg at 65 mph. Awning deployed (with or without legs down or with legs attached to van side) Galley/lounge area Corian countertop with small extension Removable folding/swiveling table
Skylight and thermostat fan vent over galley/lounge Skylight has integrated shade and bug screen Two burner propane cooktop (to be replaced with induction cooktop) Large pull-out pantry 6.7 cu ft AC/DC/LP absorptive fridge (since replaced with an all electric compressor fridge) Hidden pull-out 28" LED TV
The back seats extend into a lounge or pull together to form narrow single bed Bedroom area Twin beds (34" x 76") form into larger-than-king-size bed (88" x 76") Storage under both beds and pass-through to outside access doors Nightstand top opens up to support king bed Larger-than-king-size bed (88" x 76")
Twin beds form into larger-than-king size bed DSC00389 Dry bathroom (not shared with shower) with macerator toilet and thermostat fan Shower door with mirror opens to close off bedroom area Separate shower with skylight Pan has found his favorite perch
Perhaps Hera is ready for a road trip? IMG 4843 Hera considering the arrangements "This  may  be acceptable" Big but not too unwieldy to find parking Fits okay in oversize spaces, otherwise needs a space and a half length-wise