Into the Ventana Wilderness

Pictures from a four day backpacking trip with Darlene, Laura and Rachel into the Ventana Wilderness, below Cone Peak. (May 11-14, 2015)
DSC02435 DSC02437 DSC02232 DSC02236 DSC02442 DSC02446
DSC02449 DSC02452 DSC02453 Poison!! DSC02458 DSC02463
DSC02464 DSC02473 DSC02475 DSC02476 DSC02485 DSC02495
DSC02498 DSC02247 DSC02251 DSC02257 DSC02269 DSC02516
IMG 4040 : Photo Stream DSC02521 DSC02528 DSC02531 DSC02271 DSC02535