Riding the Segway

While visiting with Darlene's family in Wisconsin/Minnesota, we went for a Segway ride and tour in La Crosse this past Sunday (June 7th, 2015). It was my first time trying one and it was a lot of fun. The handling is very intuitive and responsive – to the point of being a little addictive! If you have yet to try one, look for a tour or rental in your area – it's definitely worth it!
DSC02318 DSC02724 DSC02335 DSC02349 DSC02346 DSC02729
DSC02356 DSC02731 DSC02359 DSC02360 DSC02736 DSC02744
IMG 2519 IMG 2525 IMG 2528 DSC02372 A short, 75-second video montage from our Segway ride in La Crosse, WI. (17 MB download)