Road Trip: Idaho

Pictures and video from the Idaho portion of our summer road trip to Yellowstone, including: Boise, Idaho City, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 and Mesa Falls.
A bit of biking in the hills overlooking Boise Ready to float the Boise River – before discovering how friggin' cold the water was. P1000008 boise-river-float P1000012 P1000019
P1000015 DSC02514 DSC02492 DSC02496 DSC02519 DSC02899
DSC02901 DSC02905 DSC02910 DSC02915 DSC02916 DSC02918
Successfully solved "The Room" in Boise DSC03452 DSC03476 DSC03494 DSC02936 DSC02942
DSC03531 DSC02947 DSC03566 DSC03568 DSC03573 DSC03577
DSC03591 DSC03586 DSC03593 DSC03595 DSC02958 DSC02680
IMG 4079v2 DSC02977 DSC02978 DSC02980 DSC02982 DSC02983
DSC02988 DSC02721 DSC03609 DSC03612 DSC03618 DSC03001
DSC02995 DSC02997