Walking with Polar Bears

Pictures and video from a trip to Churchill, Canada, including our stay at the Dymond Lake Lodge, dog-sledding with Bluesky Expeditions and an afternoon on a tundra buggy with Frontiers North, all arranged via Churchill Wild.
(November 2015)
A short video montage of many of our bear encounters and other activities near Churchill. (4.5 minutes, 89 MB) DSC09022 (Photo by Michele) DSC09013 (Photo by Michele) DSC09037
DSC05904 DSC09032 "Dirty bear" wasn't really interesting in hanging out and getting to know us... Short video clip of "dirty bear" (15 seconds, 11 MB) After giving up on shy "dirty bear", we walked... ...and we searched, but no luck.
Ptarmigans (Photo by Michele) (Photo by Michele) Still looking, but no other bears today... (Photo by Michele) Lots of prints, but still no bears...
DSC09073 DSC09079 DSC09071 (Photo by Michele) DSC09096 Sunset over Dymond Lake
Sunset at Dymond Lake Lodge (panorama) IMG 4426 We were treated to a lovely aurora display over the lodge Looking towards the distant lights of Churchill Time-lapse video of the aurora from the deck of our lodge (recorded over 15 minutes) The aurora on another night
We had an early morning visitor outside our lodge... "sleepy bear" A little video of our early morning "sleepy bear" (24 seconds, 15 MB) DSC09146 DSC09187 DSC09192 DSC09201
DSC09349 (Photo by Michele) DSC 1766 DSC 1782 DSC09239 DSC09342
DSC09335 (Photo by Michele) DSC 1722 DSC 1723 DSC 1726 (Photo by Michele)
DSC 1733 This is a video of our most open close encounter with the bears. (90 seconds, 30 MB) DSC09373 DSC 1752 DSC 1754 DSC 1755
DSC09382 DSC09390 DSC09389 DSC 1789 DSC 1809 DSC 1815
DSC 1835 DSC 1840 DSC 1847 DSC 1858 Momma bear bedded down with her cubs on the edge of the lake overnight, very close to the lodge. One of her cubs couldn't resist coming over for a closer look
DSC 1874 DSC09471 DSC06137 DSC09464 DSC09472 DSC09474
DSC09482 DSC09560 DSC09478 DSC09488 DSC09672 DSC09511
DSC09515 DSC09522 DSC09664 DSC09526 DSC09534 DSC09539
DSC09554 DSC06162 DSC09567 DSC09568 DSC09642 More video of the dog sledding excursion. (2.5 minutes, 50 MB)
Setting off in the tundra buggy... DSC 2085 DSC 1892 DSC 1897 (Photo by Michele) DSC09712
DSC09716 DSC09727 DSC 1899 DSC 1905 DSC09752 DSC 1979
DSC09745 DSC 1939 DSC 1962 DSC09779 DSC09783 DSC 2050
DSC09788 DSC 2069 DSC09786 DSC 2081 DSC 2092 DSC 2097
DSC 2103 DSC 2118 DSC 2136 DSC 2123 DSC 2125