Exploring Chile's Atacama Desert

(October 2015)
Pictures and video from a nine-day trip with Glenn and Michele to Chile's Atacama Desert.
A short video montage of our time in the Atacama Desert region (3.5 minutes, 50 MB) The town of San Pedro de Atacama DSC03498 DSC03543 Heading out on horseback from town DSC03500
DSC03503 DSC03559 DSC03521 DSC03533 DSC03536 DSC03540
DSC06793 DSC06799 DSC06800 DSC06801 DSC06807 DSC06806
DSC06809 DSC03545 DSC03550 DSC03551 DSC03553 (Photo by Michele)
DSC06824 DSC03560 DSC03561 DSC06831 DSC06833 DSC03565
DSC03754 DSC06846 DSC03567 DSC03570 DSC03575 DSC03578
DSC03592 DSC03583 DSC03600 DSC03607 DSC03611 DSC03612
DSC03621 DSC06855 DSC06859 DSC06861 DSC06863 DSC06865
DSC06877 DSC03629 DSC06887 The Crim bandito family DSC03622 DSC03633
DSC03636 DSC03638 Visiting El Tatio geyser field DSC06907 DSC06920 DSC06913
DSC06922 DSC06925 DSC06910 A viscacha (in the family of chinchillas) A viscacha (in the family of chinchillas) DSC03640
DSC06954 DSC06956 Successfully reaching the top of Zoquete (above El Tatio geysers) at 4900m or 16,073 ft. DSC06968 DSC06970 DSC06987
DSC06997 Our first sighting of a vicuna More vicunas More vicunas DSC07045 DSC07057
Flamingos DSC07073 (Photo by Michele) DSC07075 DSC07076 DSC07079
DSC07086 DSC07089 DSC07105 DSC07109 DSC07111 DSC07114
DSC07116 DSC07117 This poor goat got himself trapped on a cliff ledge. DSC03641 Watched by a llama sentry DSC07151
DSC07145 DSC07184 DSC07165 DSC07186 DSC07169 DSC07170
DSC07191 A sample starscape from our campsite (ignore the purple-fringing: wasn't the best lens for this) Part of the Milky Way DSC07261 DSC07265 DSC07268
Some petroglyphs DSC07275 DSC07280 DSC07282 DSC07284 On our second trekking night, we camped in the churchyard of Río Grande Village, one of the few remaining indigenous communities of the Atacameño people.
DSC07293 DSC07302 DSC07305 DSC07307 DSC07310 DSC07316
DSC07318 DSC07320 DSC07323 DSC03660 DSC07327 DSC07329
DSC07333 DSC07347 DSC07374 Pink flamingos in the Salar de Atacama DSC07344 Pink flamingo in the Salar de Atacama
Flamingos Flamingos coming for a landing Flamingo Flamingo DSC07390 DSC07391
One of two culpeo foxes we encountered on the road A culpeo fox DSC07433 DSC07436 DSC07447 IMG 4373