Riding Lake Tahoe Trails

Darlene and I went up to Lake Tahoe for some mountain biking including a full day on the Tahoe Rim Trail starting near Mt. Rose. Clockwise around Marlette Lake via the Red House Flume Trail and Sunflower Hill Trail leading to the big finale: the fantastic views from the Tahoe Flume Trail, before dropping down Tunnel Creek Road.
DSC01434 DSC01421 DSC01422 DSC01436 DSC01435 DSC01440
DSC01437 DSC01441 DSC01442 DSC01444 DSC01446 DSC01447
DSC01450 DSC01452 DSC01458 DSC01461 DSC01473 DSC01478
DSC01492 DSC01485 DSC01487 DSC01497 Video montage of riding the Tahoe Rim and Flume Trails (Two minutes, 37 MB)