Whales at Moss Landing

September 14th & 15th, 2014 – Two days of kayaking out of Moss Landing in Monterey Bay to see humpback whales (and sea otters, and seals, and sea lions, and pelicans, and cormorants, etc.)
P1010761 DSC00217 A short video montage of our two days of kayaking (4.3 minutes, 70 MB) DSC00408 DSC00415 DSC00511
DSC00225 DSC00232 DSC00265 DSC00268 DSC00270 DSC00277
DSC00288 DSC00302 whale+kayak DSC00437 DSC00446 DSC00431
DSC00452 DSC00460 DSC00474 DSC00479 No wonder ancient mariners brought home tails of giant sea serpents! DSC00488
P1010775 P1010780 P1010783 DSC00340 DSC00344 DSC00346
DSC00354 DSC00361 DSC00365 DSC00493 DSC00498 DSC00380
DSC00382 P1010792 A short video clip just showing how incredibly calm the Monterey Bay was on Monday morning. (44 seoncds, 14.6 MB)