Backpacking the Lost Coast

The "Lost Coast" is a remote and undeveloped stretch of coastline in northern California, north of Fort Bragg and south of Eureka. We hiked the northern section from Mattole Beach down to Black Sands Beach (near Shelter Cove) over three days, from August 9th-11th, 2014.

(This gallery includes my own pictures plus some of Darlene's, Abhi's and Mike's.)
DSC01145 Our first day was sunny and super windy! DSC00010 P1020439 DSC01155 DSC01156
DSC01159 DSC01160 DSC01163 The remote, and now abandoned, historic Punta Gorda lighthouse – the "Alcatraz of lighthouses". The view from the Punta Gorda lighthouse. DSC01178
DSC01184 DSC00045 DSC01197 DSC01201 DSC01205 DSC01208
DSC01210 DSC00056 DSC01212 DSC01213 DSC01225 DSC01227v2
P1020546 DSC01228 DSC01230 DSC01232 DSC01234 DSC01235
DSC01237 DSC00067 DSC01238 DSC00073 DSC01240 DSC01251
DSC01257 DSC01260 DSC01263 DSC01267 DSC01268 DSC01270
DSC01271 DSC01272 DSC01274 P1020596 DSC01284 Nice shot, Abhi!
DSC01285 P1020618 DSC01289 DSC01290 DSC01292 DSC01297
DSC01298 DSC01324 DSC01326 DSC00121 Our second and third days were calm, foggy and overcast. DSC01327
DSC01333 DSC01336 DSC01337 DSC01338 DSC01341 DSC00130
P1020693 mike1.jpg DSC01342 DSC01344 DSC01346 DSC01353
On our way up on Friday, we saw the efforts of the Cal Fire crews to combat the Lodge Complex fire near Laytonville.