Epic Santa Cruz Ride

It was just one day's ride... but it turned out to be something of an epic ride: from the bottom of Pogonip in Santa Cruz, up the Emma McCrary trail and the U-Con trail to the UCSC campus trails winding this way and that and up and back around, then all the way down through Wilder Ranch and over via Old Cabin trail, round Enchanted, a short stop for lunch on the bluffs and then down and around Zane Gray's Cutoff before starting the climb back up Twin Oaks, past the eucalyptus grove, back around behind campus and all the way back down Pogonip. Mostly single-track but thirty-two miles in all!
DSCF1772 IMG 3150 IMG 3152 IMG 3153 IMG 3154
DSCF1788 IMG 3155 DSCF1792 IMG 3158 DSCF1796
DSCF1797 A short video montage from our day of riding. (85 seconds, 37 MB) On the following day, Mike and I went out to ride the trails in DeLaveaga Park, but I also brought along some golf discs.... (60 seconds, 14 MB)