Twelve Days of Croatia: Days 9-12

We had our first taste of Dubrovnik on the evening of the ninth day and enjoyed dinner (and song) at one of the many dozens of restaurants in the narrow streets of the walled, pedestrian-only Old Town district of Dubrovnik.

The next morning we were picked up by catamaran to motor across to one of the Elafiti Islands, Koločep, for a day of kayaking, hiking and swimming.  We did a bit of sailing by catamaran to return to Zaton and then head out again that afternoon to Dubrovnik to get a little more of a walking tour and some time for dinner on our own before heading up to the top of the hill Srđ to catch the sunset overlooking the city.  We also visited the hilltop museum dedicated to the war and siege of the city in 1991.

On our second to last day, we again motored out to Lopud Island by catamaran.  We enjoyed a beautiful hike up and around the island, having lunch at a home with a couple of friendly cats and a clutch of chicks before continuing on to visit the fortress at the top of the island.  Afterwards we headed back by ferry to Zaton and had a little time to explore the peninsula, where Darlene and I failed to successfully follow the signs to find a nearby cave.  That evening was our farewell dinner for the guided tour.

We were able to spend one extra full day on our own in Dubrovnik before catching our flights home the next day.  We transferred early in the morning to our rented apartment in Old Town before immediately taking up the magnificent walk around the top of the city walls.  Our hope was to get started well before the crowds from the two docked cruise ships arrived to fill the walls.  The views all around were wonderful and though we kept an eye out for him, we were not able to spot Tyrion (from Game of Thrones) anywhere, so hopefully he got away safely from King's Landing and the Red Keep (aka, Dubrovnik).
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