Twelve Days of Croatia: Days 8-9

We arrived in Split for a walking tour of Diocletian's Palace, before the day's crowds set in.  We then headed on to Bosnia-Herzegovina with a stopover for a traditional peka-cooked meal at the home of a local hunter/ranger.  Our destination was a little hotel on the Trebižat River, where we spent the afternoon canoeing down the river (and dodging some of the kids playing in the river).

The next morning we headed further east to visit Mostar, the cultural center of Herzegovina and site of the Old Bridge, originally built in 1566 by the Ottoman Empire, though recently rebuilt after the war in 1993. From Mostar, we headed back into Croatia and spent the bulk of the day in the fortified coastal town of Ston (also previously home to our guide, Robi).  After a grilled seafood lunch, we hiked the length of the fortress walls over the hill to the sister town of Mali Ston.  That evening we made our way to our lodgings for the next three nights, in the seaside village of Zaton, near the city of Dubrovnik.
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