Twelve Days of Croatia: Days 5-7

After early breakfast in Novigrad, we headed north to spend the day hiking up through the gorges of Paklenica National Park and enjoyed a fantastic traditional Croatian meal, prepared "under the bell" or "peka" by our host, Marijo, at his mountain hut, Ramića Dvori.  After returning to our hotel, we were treated to an excursion to the nearby city of Zadar for dinner (and gelato!) and some walking about.

The next morning we caught a ferry over to the Dalmatian island of Vrgada, where we climbed into sea kayaks to spend the day circumnavigating the island and enjoying the beaches.  That evening we transferred to the town of Skradin.  The following morning, we hiked into the nearby Krka National Park and enjoyed more fantastic waterfalls.  The park is also home to the world's second hydroelectric power plant as well as a demonstration village that showcases historic Croatian living.  That evening we checked into our hotel in Trogir and explored the town a bit before our farewell dinner for half of our group.  The remaining five of us would continue on with Robi.
DSC00325 Little did we expect to have Bobcat Goldthwait as one of our guides on this trip! Or is it "Chuck Norris"? DSC00328 DSC00330 DSC00332
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DSC00355 Marijo explains "cooking under the bell" or "peko" in his "black kitchen". DSC00359 DSC00365 robi+marijo DSC00372
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