Ghost Town: Bodie, California

(October 2014)
Bodie was once a thriving gold and silver mining town of many thousands in the late 1800's in the Eastern Sierra. It gradually fell into decline in the 1900's and was eventually completely abandoned in the 1950's, becoming a state historic park in 1962. Many buildings remain standing and still contain the furniture, appliances, equipment, stores and even personal items left behind.
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DSC00584 DSC00587 DSC00553 DSC00548 DSC00578 DSC00582
DSC00575 DSC00556 DSC00558 DSC00568 DSC00569 DSC00570
DSC00572 DSC00591 DSC00594 My brother Glenn posed in the same spot back in 1979, visiting with our family. Looks like we've changed more than Bodie has in 35 years. Me and my brother, again from 1979.
IMG 0004