Tahoe Ski Week - February 24th - March 1st, 2013

Pictures and video from a week of skiing and tabletop gaming with Jon, Stan, Lewis, Bill and Brin at Sugarbowl, Alpine Meadows, Northstar and Squaw Valley.

Click above for a video montage from the week.

P1000111.jpg P1000113.jpg P1000122.jpg P1000125.jpg P1000130.jpg P1000142.jpg P1000146.jpg P1000147.jpg P1000150.jpg IMG_1249.jpg P1000152.jpg P1000153.jpg P1000154.jpg P1000157.jpg P1000160.jpg P1000161.jpg P1000164.jpg P1000168.jpg P1000170.jpg 013.jpg P1000173.jpg P1000176.jpg P1000178.jpg P1000180.jpg P1000195.jpg P1000199.jpg P1000138.jpg 026.jpg