A Week in Scotland - Days 4-6: Highlands

We started our fourth day in search of Nessie from the ruins of the Urquhart Castle, in the on-and-off rain.  Then we took a little hike to see the Divach Falls just south of town before taking off for a drive through the highlands over to the western coast.  Along the way we enjoyed the scenery, stopped to admire the tremendous amount of runoff from the recent rains, walked around Eilean Donan Castle after hours and even crossed over to the Isle of Skye and drove two-thirds of the way to Portree before deciding to turn around – with a stop for tasty dinner and lovely seashore view at the Sconser Lodge before heading all the way back to our hotel along Loch Ness.

We left Drumnaddrocht on the morning of our fifth day and drove up and around Loch Ness through Inverness, heading for the Cairngorms National Park and the town of Aviemore.  We hiked up the ski resort mountain of Cairngorm Mountain as the weather entertained us by alternating from sun and clouds to rain and high winds and back again.  Darlene and Jane skipped out on the hike back down and rode the funicular.  (Or, as they might say, Janie and I skipped out on the funicular and hiked back down!)

Our sixth day found us with a whole lot of miles to get back to Edinburgh but we did stop to visit the Highland Wildlife Park and face off with some buffalo and reindeer, watch some tigers romp about and displayed ourselves for the entertainment of the polar bears.

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