A Week in Scotland - Days 6-7: Edinburgh

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For our last two nights, we stayed at the Dalhousie Castle Hotel just south of Edinburgh and met up with Darlene's sister and extended family for a dinner in "The Dungeon" restaurant of the hotel. We spent our last full day in Scotland visiting the great Edinburgh Castle in the center of the city. There was lots to see and enjoy at the castle but one highlight was definitely the display and furnishing of the space used to house prisoners of war. We spent most of the day at the castle but also briefly visited a nearby museum before returning to our castle hotel to rest up for our morning flight out of Scotland, down to Heathrow... and then on to Norway for two weeks! (Yeah, it would have been nice to spend more time in Scotland, even though I had previously toured around by train back in the mid-90's... but there will be a next time!!)

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