Perseids at the Pinnacles - August 11-12, 2013

Darlene and I camped out on the east side of Pinnacles National Park this past Sunday to watch the Perseids meteor shower. We had some fairly dark skies as Pinnacles is in a somewhat remote location. The glow of lights from Hollister and Salinas (about 25-ish miles away) were apparent to the north but the Milky Way was still quite visible. And the crescent moon set nice and early. We were able to see several meteors per minute. I made a little video of some time lapse images I captured during the night.

P8112692.jpg P8112703.jpg P8112705.jpg P8112709.jpg P8112711.jpg P8112715.jpg DSC_9566.jpg DSC_9542.jpg starscape.m4v P8112722.jpg P8112727.jpg P8122739.jpg P8122741.jpg P8122742.jpg P8122751.jpg P8122753.jpg P8122754.jpg P8122755.jpg P8122756.jpg P8122764.jpg P8122765.jpg