Backpacking Big Sur - May 15th-16th, 2013

Here's some pictures from an overnight backpacking trip out of Big Sur, on the California coast,
and up the Pine Ridge trail in the Ventana Wilderness.
This was Darlene's first backpacking experience and we enjoyed a lovely quiet site
along the river at the Barlow Flat Camp, seven miles in from the trailhead.

P5152228.jpg P5152230.jpg P5152232.jpg P5152239.jpg P5152240.jpg P5152242.jpg P5152244.jpg P5152245.jpg P5152254.jpg P5152258.jpg P5152259.jpg P5152263.jpg P5152267.jpg P5152271.jpg P5152274.jpg P5152276.jpg P5152277.jpg P5152280.jpg P5152283.jpg P5152284.jpg P5162287.jpg