A Taste of Greece - Metéora

So, we still couldn't rent a car in Trikíla, but we did catch an inter-city bus to Kastráki, just below the monasteries of Metéora. On arrival, we discovered that there was no bus available at this time of year and, since we didn't have a car, we had to go for the hiking trail as described in my guide book which turned out to be a wonderful way to reach the monasteries!

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DSC_3454.jpg DSC_3460.jpg DSC_3462.jpg DSC_3464.jpg DSC_3465.jpg DSC_3467.jpg DSC_3469.jpg DSC_3471.jpg DSC_3476.jpg DSC_3483.jpg DSC_3485.jpg DSC_3488.jpg DSC_3492.jpg DSC_3493.jpg DSC_3496.jpg DSC_3501.jpg DSC_3504.jpg DSC_3502.jpg DSC_3505.jpg DSC_3506.jpg DSC_3508.jpg DSC_3510.jpg DSC_3515.jpg DSC_3521.jpg DSC_3525.jpg DSC_3528.jpg DSC_3530.jpg DSC_3532.jpg DSC_3535.jpg DSC_3536.jpg DSC_3539.jpg DSC_3540.jpg DSC_3544.jpg DSC_3547.jpg DSC_3552.jpg DSC_3555.jpg DSC_3559.jpg DSC_3561.jpg DSC_3567.jpg DSC_3571.jpg DSC_3580.jpg DSC_3585.jpg DSC_3595.jpg DSC_3597.jpg DSC_3598.jpg DSC_3605.jpg DSC_3601.jpg