A Taste of Greece - Corinth

My last day was on my own and so I took the train from Athens to Kórinthos to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Corinth as well as Acrocorinth, the overlooking fortress. Unfortunately, a series of delays and mishaps meant that I got to do a whole lot more walking that day and ended up missing the winter closing time of 3 pm for the fortress. So I used the rest of the afternoon to climb up to it off trail and see how far I could get. I eventually could see what looked like an opening in one back section of the wall but I didn't know if I might be arrested for trespassing or something after hours. I got a tremendous view of the surrounding countryside though!

(Click on any thumbnail image below to view a medium-sized enlargement.)

DSC_3788.jpg DSC_3793.jpg DSC_3794.jpg DSC_3798.jpg DSC_3800.jpg DSC_3811.jpg DSC_3814.jpg DSC_3833.jpg DSC_3835.jpg DSC_3847b.jpg DSC_3855.jpg DSC_3856b.jpg DSC_3858.jpg DSC_3861.jpg DSC_3863.jpg DSC_3865.jpg DSC_3892b.jpg corinth-panoCalico.jpg DSC_3898.jpg DSC_3899.jpg DSC_3900.jpg DSC_3902.jpg DSC_3903.jpg DSC_3905.jpg DSC_3906.jpg DSC_3913.jpg DSC_3917.jpg