A Visit to a Maasai Village

We had the opportunity to visit a Maasai village a little bit off the tourist track on
our way to Oldupai Gorge.

Unlike some of the round hut villages that can be seen along the highways,
this village was more modest and built with acacia branches, mud, skins, and dung.

As we pulled up, some kids ran off to fetch many of the villagers working in the distance.

After some minutes of extended negotiation between the village leader
and our guides, a payment was agreed upon to allow us all to meet and photograph
(and barter!!) with the rest of the tribe.


It was not at all clear who was observing who.



Except for the village leader, no adult men were around.
They're normally off all day tending their herds of cattle and sheep,
as they could often be seen from the highway: