This is Eris, enjoying her favorite spot basking in the heat of a table lamp on top of my computer monitor.


And this is her sister Gaea, acting up on a scratching post and looking generally distressed.

Both of their names come from Greek mythology. Eris is named after the Greek goddess of chaos -- she was
remarkably chaotic as a kitten but has since become much the calmer of the two.
Gaea (pronounced "jee-uh") is named after the Greek goddess of the earth,
not to be confused with Gaia ("guy-uh") which refers to the earth itself
when thought of as a self-regulating organism.


Eris again... very content... bathing in sunlight.



This is the newcomer, Nyx. She's named after the goddess or spirit of the night.
Look! All three cats make a matched set! How convenient!

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