Hoan and Quyen's Family Visit (July 2017)

Pictures and video from Hoan's family visiting for a few days over the 4th of July weekend.
DSC03754 DSC03759 sea-lions DSC03761 DSC03763 swift-chicks
DSC03764 DSC03770 DSC03772 DSC03777 DSC03778 elephant-seals
DSC03780 DSC03781 DSC03785 DSC03792 DSC03793 DSC03795
DSC03799 DSC03800 DSC03817 pescadero DJI 0041 DSC06850
DSC06851 DSC06855 DSC06885 DSC06871 tide-pools DSC06862
DSC06887 DSC06857 DSC06866 DSC06869 IMG 6103