Around Bishop

Pictures and video from some miscellaneous stops around Bishop: Mill Pond, Lake Sabrina, Buttermilk, Owens River
Looking towards the radio telescopes outside of Big Pine. DSC02328 Looking towards the radio telescopes outside of Big Pine. A quiet rest stop for the cats outside of town Short sequence of drone footage on the outskirts of Bishop (19 seconds) Mill Pond recreational area
Mill Pond Lake Sabrina is looking mighty empty ahead of the snow melt. Everything in the foreground should be underwater! Short sequence of blurry (out-of-focus) drone footage over Sabrina (23 seconds) Our camping spot in the Buttermilk area, west of Bishop. Some video footage in the Buttermilk area (80 seconds)
DSC02420 DSC02421 DSC07984 DSC02446 DSC07980 DSC02452
DSC07949 Lots of mines visible in many directions Quite a large open mine shaft Nice view from this peak! DSC02460 And looking towards Bishop.
DSC02468 A lunch stop at a warm spring near Owens River, east of town. Pan wasn't too keen to get in the water, but we enjoyed the warm swim! DSC02475 DSC07989 A short video sequence of the cats exploring the area around the warm spring. (73 seconds)
DSC02479 DSC02483 DSC02514 DSC02540 DSC02544