Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

(Summer 2015)
Video montage of our summer visit to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (5 minutes, 71 MB) Bison seem to like walking the center line. Bison – super friendly and just love it when you try to climb on their back for a joy ride! DSC03773 Vicious rabbit with great big sharp pointy teeth – can tear you limb from limb! DSC03005
DSC03016 DSC03778 Bison – there were about 4900 in Yellowstone as of July 2014 DSC03789 DSC03792 DSC03796
Pronghorn in Lamar Valley Coyote Pronghorn Pronghorn DSC03019 DSC03021
Cuddly black bear – best approached with one or more marshmellows between your teeth! Black bear and her cubs DSC03025 Black bear and her cubs DSC02913 Tons of elk hanging around Mammoth
DSC03867 Great horned owl in Mammoth DSC03907 Marmot DSC03895 DSC03029
Elk along the Canyon trail DSC03924 Elk along the Canyon trail Elk near one of the Canyon parking areas DSC03949 DSC03032
DSC03952 DSC03954 DSC03961 DSC03962 DSC03964 DSC03965
DSC03039 DSC03969 DSC03975 DSC03048 DSC03982 DSC03986
DSC03981 DSC03997 DSC03998 Elk near Canyon Lodge Elk near Canyon Lodge DSC04015
We got to create our own traffic bear jam by spotting this guy near Roosevelt Lodge Black bear Black bear DSC03073 IMG 4085 DSC03066
DSC04038 DSC04043 DSC04049 DSC04051 DSC03072 DSC03079
DSC03080 DSC03081 DSC03083 DSC03087 Gray wolf Gray wolf at a kill site
DSC04201 The crowd awaits Old Faithful Old Faithful erupts Old Faithful erupts DSC04181 DSC04189
DSC03093 DSC03098 DSC03104 DSC04203 DSC04206 DSC04208
DSC04227 DSC04236 DSC04237 DSC04238 DSC04241 DSC04242
DSC04244 DSC04250 DSC04254 DSC03217 DSC03126 DSC04272
DSC03138 DSC04266 DSC04261 DSC04275 DSC04346 DSC04361
Bighorn sheep near the top of Mount Washburn Bighorn sheep Bighorn sheep DSC04323 DSC03163 Red fox
Red fox DSC04407 Sandhill cranes DSC04456 DSC04468 DSC04472
DSC04527 Our one and only moose sighting Moose (through binoculars) DSC03347 DSC03348 DSC03183
DSC03193 DSC03246 DSC04512 DSC03208 DSC04561 DSC04565
DSC04569 DSC04573 DSC04584 Wood stork Canadian geese The view from the Jackson Lake Lodge.
DSC03257 DSC03262 Bear sign: rarrrr! IMG 4108 We came across the ruins of this old dude ranch which is in the process of being shored up. DSC03296
DSC03297 DSC03289 DSC03430 DSC03329 DSC03441 DSC03330