A Beginner's Ride in Wilder Ranch?

Darlene and I take Glenn and Michele out to Wilder Ranch to give them a first taste of the pleasures of mountain biking... I think they liked it! We certainly did a lot more than I ever expected they'd want to do on a first time out!
IMG 3787 IMG 3789 IMG 3793 IMG 3800 IMG 3804 IMG 3807
IMG 3815 IMG 3817 IMG 3819 IMG 3824 A little bit of video of Glenn and Michele successfully handling a fairly steep, rocky descent.  Yeah! IMG 3835
IMG 3840 And... bonus!! A video of all of us belly-dancing (sort of) the night before at Menara's, a Moroccan restaurant in San Jose. On Sunday, after lunch and our iFly experience, we went for a little hike to a park near Union City.