Dog Sledding with Bluesky Expeditions

This is an extra gallery which includes the full set of additional pictures of everybody from our dog sledding excursion. (November 14th, 2015)
Video of the dog sledding excursion (2.5 minutes, 50 MB) DSC09482 DSC09560 DSC09478 DSC09488 DSC09672
DSC09511 DSC09515 DSC09522 DSC09664 DSC09526 DSC09532
DSC09534 DSC09535 DSC09537 DSC09539 DSC09554 DSC09558
DSC09559 DSC09561 DSC09567 DSC09568 DSC09574 DSC09584
DSC09590 DSC09595 DSC09642 DSC09650 DSC09652 DSC09657
DSC09661 DSC09675 DSC09679 DSC09682 DSC09692