Sailing in the SF Bay - July 20, 2013

This is a collection of pictures and a little video from a day of sailing with Darlene and her friends out of the OCSC Sailing Club.
We left from Berkeley and crossed the bay towards San Francisco and made our way around Treasure Island while watching some of the competitors in the America's Cup.

Click above for a short video montage of our sailing day. (80 seconds, 22 MB)

P7202560.jpg P7202562.jpg P7202564.jpg P7202576.jpg P7202580.jpg P7202587.jpg P7202590.jpg P7202593.jpg P7202600.jpg P7202601.jpg P7202604.jpg P7202608.jpg P7202610.jpg P7202611.jpg P7202614.jpg P7202622.jpg P7202623.jpg P7202630.jpg P7202636.jpg P7202637.jpg P7202646.jpg P7202651.jpg P7202652.jpg P7202655.jpg P7202658.jpg P7202662.jpg P7202664.jpg P7202666.jpg P7202668.jpg P7202676.jpg P7202677.jpg P7202684.jpg P7202688.jpg P7202690.jpg