Halloween Block Party - October 30th, 2010

Mike, Nancy, Lise and Rick get together with their neighbors to close off their street and host this awesome block party for Halloween.
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DSC_1795.jpg DSC_1843.jpg DSC_1844.jpg DSC_1845.jpg DSC_1846.jpg DSC_1847.jpg DSC_1848.jpg DSC_1849.jpg DSC_1850.jpg DSC_1851.jpg DSC_1852b.jpg DSC_1853.jpg DSC_1855.jpg DSC_1856.jpg DSC_1857.jpg DSC_1858.jpg DSC_1861.jpg DSC_1862.jpg DSC_1863.jpg DSC_1865.jpg DSC_1866.jpg DSC_1869.jpg DSC_1870.jpg DSC_1871.jpg DSC_1874.jpg