Home Theater Rebuild - April/May 2007

These photos show the rebuild of my home theater. Rather than just get the new high def projector and disc player, I decided to also upgrade my receiver with 7.1 sound and HDMI, get two full rows of recliners, build a riser for the back row, put in new carpeting, and add some color to the walls and ceiling. The first two shots are the "before" photos showing the way it has looked since May 2000 and all the rest are during the rebuild (April/May 2007).

Many thanks to S & G Carpets in Santa Clara for a great job and for working with me around the complication of my riser. Also, I highly recommend Palliser's "home theater in a box" furniture via FurnitureBlue.com. What I got was Palliser's Sequelle model in "Monarch Cabernet."
(Click on any thumbnail image below to view a medium-sized enlargement.)

DSCN0733.JPG DSCN0761.JPG room-layout.png DSC03136.JPG DSC_2222.JPG DSC_2224.JPG DSC_2229.JPG DSC_2236.JPG DSC_2238.JPG DSC_2239.JPG DSC_2240.JPG DSC_2242.JPG room-layout-B.png DSC_2314.JPG DSC_2344.JPG DSC_2310.JPG DSC_2342.JPG DSC_2345.JPG DSC_2346.JPG DSC_2347.JPG DSC_2353.JPG DSC_2354.JPG DSC_2358a.jpg DSC_2368.JPG DSC_2367.JPG DSC_2388.JPG DSC_2383.JPG DSC_2399.JPG DSC_2411.JPG DSC_2410.JPG DSC_2415.JPG DSC_2416.JPG