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Pictures From a Demo of a Sony VPL-VW10HT. (Thanks to Rod for the demo!)

These are pictures of a demo I saw when Rod was kind enough to invite a number of us to his home. I didn't have an ideal camera setup, but these shots still convey the impact of this projector's display. This demo was enough to convince me to order the projector.

Since I got my projector, I've spent some time to put together a more extensive page showing what is possible in a home theatre with this projector.

One more thing worth noting about these pictures is the black level and how it compares to my projector now. The difference you see is not just an artifact of two different exposures. At the time Rod gave us the demo, he had not had the opportunity to spend much time trying to adjust the picture. If you compare the shot below of the Enterprise in orbit from this demo with the shot on my main home theatre page, you can see the difference a few extra adjustments can make. (You may also need to adjust your computer monitor.)

For a long discussion of Rod's demo, for comments from most everyone who was there, and the details of the setup, follow this thread at the The Big Picture Forum.

Here are the pictures I have of the VPL-VW10HT from Rob's demo:

(Click on any image to load a much larger version of the same image.)

The shot above was taken of the Sony VPL-VW10HT. The shot below is the same image with the Sony VPL-W400Q.
Sorry for the blur, but both shots were taken quickly while stabilizing the camera on a DVD case.

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