My name is Christopher Crim.

Since my graduation from UC Irvine in June of 1988, I’ve invested many years in software design and engineering on the FileMaker product family at FileMaker, Inc. (the company formerly known as Claris and still wholly owned by Apple).

I also wrote an adventure game The Wrath of Denethenor for the Apple II and Commodore 64 published by Sierra On-Line way back in 1986.

With the completion of FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPad in July of 2010, I decided to take a long break from work. I am now enjoying all this free time with more travel and more fun. Perhaps after a while I’ll stumble into doing something a little different.

This web site exists primarily for me to share photos and videos with friends and family – and occasional, random strangers.  I also sometimes post some hopefully helpful or at least interesting information on a range of topics.

email: send to (chris “at” crimdom “dot” net)