“Huge fan”

Date: January 10, 2009, at 9:20 PM PST
Subject: Huge fan of Wrath of Denethenor

Hi. My name is Franco and im a 33 year old video game junkie. Today I was trying to remember the first computer game I ever played and all I could think about was this really cool RPG game back when I had an Apple IIc but couldnt remember the name of it. So i started googling Apple II RPG games and went thru a whole list of them until I saw a title that stood out and looked familiar.I clicked on the link and it brought me to your page and right when I saw the screen shots you posted I knew I had found the game.I have often thought of this game through the years, it emersed me into a whole other dimension and was my very first rpg game i have ever played. I want to thank you for giving me an awesome gaming experience that has stayed with me after all these years.Is there some way to play this game on an emulator? i know its a very dated game but I know it will bring back many memories of staying up late at night when my parents thought I was in bed and playing hours and hours of this game.

Hi Franco,

It’s great to hear that you enjoyed my game.  I have seen the game run in emulation for both Com64 and Apple II but I haven’t gone looking for the disk images to download in a long while.  So I know it’s possible but I don’t have any tips as to where to get them.

Thanks again for writing though!

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