Wrath of Denethenor

On May 26, 2008, at 12:43 PM, space aliens may have forced Andrew Darovich to write

Hey there. I was recently poking around at Lemon64.com, a Commodore 64 site and came across Wrath of Denethenor….

I googled it a bit and came across your actual website!

…. Do you happen to have source for the C64 still that would be viewable? I’m a fledgling C64 programmer and always wanted to look at Ultima style games’ source codes!

Thanks for reading!


Hi Andrew,

Sorry, no source code available… besides, you might want to look into a more modern system and/or language! I did the Wrath in 6502 assembly!

Good luck,

Oh, but thats the point!   I’m a young kid (20) that grew up in the wrong decade!  I’ve gotten myself really into the C64, and have been reading all sorts of 6502 assembly books, haha!

It’s a backward step from the C/C++ that I usually do things in.

Thanks for your reply!  :)


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