Wrath of Denethenor


I happen to stumble across your website while searching for information on Wrath of Denethenor.  I never played it, but have been aware of it’s existance for some time.  I now run a website, which in time, I hope to catalog all collectable classic software over a long period of time.  I was working on sierra games today.  Thanks for the page, as it supplied some vital information about the game like release year (1986).  Not to mention, the game sounds like a really great concept.  Would you say it’s more like an RPG, strategy or action?  Any information would be helpful.


p.s.  You don’t happen to still have any shrinkwrapped copies you would want to part with of the game do you? :)  I’m an avid collector of still new classic computer games.  One signed by you would probably superseed anything in my collection! :P


Hi Brad,

Thanks for your comments and your interest in the Wrath.  I would call it an RPG.  Sorry though, I don’t have any shrink-wrapped copies and the couple of copies I do have I definitely want to hang on to.

Good luck with your site,


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