> Hey Chris,
> I gotta let you know that I was searchin’ through the Internet looking for
> some info on your game Wrath of Denethenor, and Viola! I came across this
> web-site. My brother and I loved that particular game…jees, that was about
> 15 years ago? Anyways, thought I’d drop you a line and say “good work”. I’m
> an artist working on a game..and boy, have things changed since then?!?!
> Anyways, hope you had a good 4th of July…
> Raven

Hi Raven,

Thanks for the email and the praise.  I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Wrath.  And yes, things have certainly changed.  Most games now have pretty large teams working on them.  I hope you’re enjoying your work as an artist.

Thanks again,


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