I cant believe you wrote, Wrath of Denethenor, I was 8 years old when i played that game for the first time in jan, 1987, one of the best games ive ever played, better than Ultima 4. I remember i had an apple 2e, one of the first games I played on that platform. I played it again recently on a site i found that had emulators and images. Good work on a fantastic game.

Kevin, 26 yo

Thanks Kevin,

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it!

– Chris

Chris, I have a couple of questions about the game Wrath of Denethenor, I hope you can take the time to answer them.

1.Did you come up with the name, Wrath of Denethenor and if so what made you pick that one?

2.Have you written any other games, do you still program?

I havent been able to find an IBM version, I doubt ive ever seen one. I have an apple 2e emulator and Im able to play the game using some old disk images off of, alas my old copy has long since vanished.



Hi Kevin,

The name “Denethenor” was just made up along with all the other names in Deledain.  I just played around with various combinations of syllables and sounds.  A friend pointed out later that there’s a Denethor in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, so it’s possible that had a subconscious effect on Denethenor.

I haven’t sold any other games.  All the other games I wrote were just from playing around during high school (before I started The Wrath of Denethenor), or personal projects I started but never finished while working at Claris/FileMaker.  So, in answer to whether I still program, yes…  I’ve been working on FileMaker Pro since 1988.

Yeah, you won’t find an IBM version.  The Wrath of Denethenor was written in assembly language so it would not have been worth completely rewriting it for a different processor.  (The Apple II and III and the Commodore 64 shared the same processor so it wasn’t too hard to port it to the Commodore 64.)

Thanks for your interest,

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