Wrath of Denethenor


Just saw your website–and I must say my brother and I were both totally addicted to that game.  We were actually wondering if you know of any decent emulated versions for a pc these days…oh how i miss my lil green screen being standing on an island whacking a ship :)

thanks for writing a great game!

-leigh mccue

Hi Leigh,

I’m glad to hear you had a good time playing my game.  As for an emulated version, I recommend looking for an Apple ][ or Com-64 emulator and trying to find a set of disk images on the web.  I’ve looked now and again and I did find a set of Com-64 disk images but it they didn’t seem to work well with the Com-64 emulator I found.  If you manage to find a set of Apple ][ disk images of the game, I’d like a copy too!

Thanks again for writing,


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