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Hey Chris,

I am probably one of many Sierra collectors out there that have contacted you, but I was wondering if you had any complete Sierra packaged, spare copies of Wrath of Denethenor laying around.

I grew up on Sierra, and have recently (past few years) been on a rampage to collect all and everything Sierra. I have run into a few of the designers, programmers, and gotten their contributions, and was wondering if I could buy some goodies off of you. If you have anything else Sierra besides this game that you would be willing to sell, I’ve got a great home waiting for it.

In addition I am working on a massive Sierra database, that I plan to release soon, that will hopefully preserve every aspect of Sierra, for generations to come. Anyway enough of “the vision” speech. Just wanted to drop you a line and see what you had going on.

Thanks for your time, bud.


Hi Brad,

I do have a couple copies of my game Wrath of Denethenor, but that’s it — just a couple of copies.  So, as you might imagine, I’m really not interested in selling them.

That’s an unusual collection you have going there and while you aren’t the first to ask where to get a copy, you’re certainly the first to explain that you’re collecting Sierra On-Line stuff.

Good luck with it and sorry I couldn’t help.

– Chris


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